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My most listened album of 2020 is “Gizmodrome” by Gizmodrome.  I stumbled on it when I was searching Adrian Belew.  Super group comprised of:

Stewart Copeland (Police, Curved Air),Chief Clown, Laconic Lyricist, rhythm guitar and vocals.

Adrian Belew (Zappa, Bowie, Talking Heads, King Crimson etc) Riff Tricks Guitar Wizard and backing vocals.

Mark King (Level 42) on bass and backing vocals.

Italian Mastermind Vittoria Cosma on keyboards (PFM: Premiata Forneria Marconi).

Black humor, musical sleight of hand, and general excellence.  Music stimulates and energizes.  They are having  fun!

Vocals tickle my brain.  Here’s a sample:

“I have looked behind the curtains, in the shaman’s room, and checked all the labels on the cans of doom, for sure-fired ignorance, and a simple plan, I would turn off my brain and believe in the man.                                                      Because I know too much, to be sure about anything, to believe in the man, or stick to the plan, I know too much to get fooled by experts, there’s nothing that sticks.”

Gizmodrome have released three albums to date:  Their self titled debut “Gizmodrome”, “Riff Tricks”, the instrumental version of same, and “Gizmodrome Live”, featuring their album tracks plus a cool mix of songs from the Police and King Crimson.

As a worthy tangent:

From Stewart Copeland in conversation with Tim Ferriss, around 18:00:  Stewart Copeland spent some of his early life in Beirut Lebanon. The family had Persian rugs, some of which are in Stewart’s studio now. 

“I have, in my studio, these Persian rugs that are older than I am, they’ve been in the family longer than I have. The patterns on those Persian rugs, with these strangely geometric and yet curved lines and everything like that, and I was crawling around face first on those rugs from the age of zero, and I just looked at those rugs the other day and I realized “That pattern is my music!  My music is exactly that!  The way it’s a combination of symmetry and wild abandon, the way the different colors interact with each other, I realize it was printed when I was nose first, face first in these Persian rugs!”

This is the first post in my “Now” column.  It’s a little outdated.  The Procrastinator conceived of it a year ago, and I am only doing it now.

I got this idea from Derek Sivers, whose expressions of “Now” are so current!  For Now, it’s done.


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