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Everyone Is A Singer: How I Came To Write This

As a small child, I sang freely.  Singing was one of my favorite activities.  At age 7, for no apparent reason, I  “lost my ability to smile”.  I also became ashamed to sing.

Something happened, maybe at school.  I was loud and precocious.  Perhaps I attracted derision.  I don’t know.  My parents love singing, and have always encouraged me.  

Maybe I already sounded like Nina Hagen, David Byrne, or Edgar Winter, all of whom I have emulated at times.  I am always seeking to broaden and deepen my voice.  Sometimes, I think I sound terrible.  I keep singing, and I sense that I’m getting better.  

I experienced trauma, as people do.  My personality changed.  Morose and bitter, camera phobic, I became a “sonic volcano“.

I kept singing, privately at first.  Singing saved me.  It kept me alive.  I can smile now, easily, in many circumstances.  At other times, PTSD kicks in, and it isn’t easy.  I freeze.

I don’t like to fake it, but, under stress, my persona becomes forced.  

Happiness is an inside job, and I am more and more happy in my life, so I often have things to smile about. 

Now, I sing, write and record songs, first for myself, second for my audience, friends and family.  If you like it, cool!  I feel good singing, and I sing every day.  

Enough about me.  What about you?

“Ooooh, you’re tone deaf, you shouldn’t sing!”

Sounds familiar?   

Before the “Star Making Machinery”, singing was known to be healthy!  We sang together, worked together, breathed deeply, emoted, released stress.  We instinctively knew how to tune our bodies with sound.  Singing made us resilient, powering us to overcome obstacles.  We expressed ourselves with confidence.  Some of us still sing like this.  

Are You “Tone Deaf”?  Really??  Many people have been told that they were tone deaf, because they could not accurately sing notes.  If that’s you, has anyone showed you how to “Tune Your Voice”?

I can sing more accurately after I have warmed up my voice.  Warming Up is key!  So is “Active Listening”!

I prefer to think that we might be “Vocally Comprised”, or perhaps simply “Untrained and Inexperienced”.

Many of us have come out of the public school system believing we are not singers, and that we cannot sing.  Maybe we heard “Only Stars Can Sing.”  I prefer to think:  Strong People Sing“.  Singing makes us strong.  I fill myself with sound, often.

In some tribal cultures, communal singing is encouraged, regardless of ability to “correctly” hear and reproduce pitch.  People just join in.  Group Energy is Magnificent!

Here’s one of my expressions.  3 AM” is a little bit of my story.  Now, I can laugh when I sing it.  Before, I couldn’t.  That’s “Healing Through Self Expression”.

The link in this article takes you to my bandcamp page, where I have 15 songs, so far.  Some are different versions of the same song.  

Or, You can hear this and some of my other music on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, GooglePlay and other streaming platforms.  Thanks for tuning in!

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