Tide Is Rising

https://seamasmanly.bandcamp.com/track/tide-is-rising The Young Fool was frustrated and jealous.  He’d written a few songs that he liked.  However, his partner wrote with ease and spontaneity! Where was his unique voice?  She helped him to understand his “emotional guidance system”.  As he understood that emotions can be safe, that all emotions can move into love, he found safety and release.  The dam broke, and song poured out! This is my answer to Peter Gabriel’s song “Here Comes The Flood”. Tide is rising … Read More

A joke about a joke?

The young fool rebelled against rebellion.  A non-conformist amongst non-conformists, chaotically angry, feeling dispossessed, he asked:  “If peace is a ‘thing’, Where?  When?  How?   Mistaking the map for the territory, he ate the menu!  “Who, me?” “Stole part of one song, put it in another.  Now I forgot, what was that line?  Am I condemned to plagiarize my own existence?” We are all standing on the shoulders of giants, in a universe swimming with information.  How can we own … Read More

Alive and Foolish

Help!  My recently uploaded single on streaming services is “Chasing My Tail”.  It’s a funny story about a confused young man who copies everybody else’s art, even his own! “I can fake a Picasso as well as anybody!”  Pablo Picasso, via Robert Anton Wilson If a tree falls in the forest, does anybody hear?  And more importantly, to me, if you don’t listen, does anybody hear? I apologize for being so cheeky!  I may get a grip on my sense of … Read More

3 AM

This song is blues, and a prayer for us all to  fully own our greatest gifts:  Our Voices, and Imaginations.  This is for you  if you have lost your voice and want to get it back.  This is for you if you don’t have a dream for your life.  This is a lament for everyone who has a song in them, but doesn’t dare to write it.  We remember how to dream, we remember how to re-member.  “The Young Fool … Read More

Self Interview

Why interview yourself? It’s a long standing literary tradition, and a way of kickstarting my autobiography. Why write songs? Fascinated and bewildered by life, I wrote what I believed in, to help me remember my way.  After a while, songs started to come in dreams, including waking dreams.  I began to “receive songs”.  I haven’t written much lately, because I’m too busy producing what I’ve already written.  I’m always improvising music tho. How long did it take you to make … Read More