Seamas Manly, musician, singer, songwriter, clown, public speaker, and teacher of speaking, singing, music, and musical qi gong.

Seamas enjoys performing solo and ensemble, for all occasions, festivals, weddings and your next party.  If you ask, he might even write a song for you.

Writer, composer, engineer and producer, he enjoys collaboration: creative projects, songs, plays, videos, movies.

As a teacher, he thrives on:

Helping you learn to play and sing songs that you love.  Helping you make those songs yours.

Guiding you to feel when your pitch and rhythm are correct.

Sharing music is  dynamic and life giving.  We all have music in us.  All we have to do is to listen and express.

Canadian born Seamas Manly is a creator of original music that honors spirit, emotions, heart, and body.

An accomplished multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter, currently living in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Seamas teaches English and studies Chinese culture, performs, writes and records music.  A constant improviser, he loves to jam.   A busker, he is a walking jukebox skilled in many genres.

Seamas became a musician upon watching the Beatles’ movie “The Yellow Submarine”.  A natural singer, he took up acoustic and electric guitar, keyboard, drums, and percussion.  Studying classical, jazz, rock, blues, country, Celtic, African, and First Nations styles, his eclectic compositions feature percussive rhythms, airy harmonics, and spirited singing.  He has played in numerous bands and often performs solo.

He covers songs from 1600s to the present, plus his own folk, trance, rock, blues, and jazz originals, and songs for children of all ages.  As a teacher, he draws from a wide range of performing, recording and amateur theater experience to support people to audaciously express themselves through music.

With influences ranging from Gershwin to Zappa, David Byrne to Nina Hagen, Jimi Hendrix to Fairport Convention, he entertains with the power of music to express, heal, empower, and communicate. Whether accompanying himself on an acoustic guitar, or as an accompanist, Seamas has many colors and textures.

Healing Through Music:

An acupuncturist with a diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, he practices transformation through sound based on healing traditions from around the world.  He demonstrates how we can use our sound and our words to strengthen our bodies and heal all aspects of our lives.

Mission:  “I am here to create a world full of loving music, through performing, recording and teaching.”

Seamas Invites You to Tune Your Voice:

“If you’re ready for your next step as a singer or performing artist, I’m here to show you:  ‘Your Body is the Instrument of Your Soul.’  

This is similar to the words of my teacher, Edwin Coppard.  Edwin is one of the people who showed me how to clear mental emotional blocks that were locking me up.  He helped me to open the wellspring of my creativity through my voice.

I have a wide range of methods to help you do the same!  To find out more, contact me.

There are many ways to balance and tune your body, to help you express your creativity, releasing blocks and increasing your abilities as you go.  These methods can be applied to any area of the artwork that is your life.

I’ll be saying more as I go.  For now, please contact me for an introductory consultation.