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A joke about a joke?

The young fool rebelled against rebellion. 

A non-conformist amongst non-conformists, chaotically angry, feeling dispossessed, he asked:  “If peace is a ‘thing’, Where?  When?  How?  

Mistaking the map for the territory, he ate the menu!  “Who, me?”

“Stole part of one song, put it in another.  Now I forgot, what was that line?  Am I condemned to plagiarize my own existence?”

We are all standing on the shoulders of giants, in a universe swimming with information.  How can we own anything?

Irony:  All music borrows from other music.  We often don’t know what we are borrowing from.  People take each other to court over these things.  Is the world chasing its tail?

Borrowed bits:  The Middle Interlude is from my instrumental “To Ride The Tide”.   Followed by Bach’s “Badinerie in B minor”.  Third, Circus Music:  Entrance of the Gladiators, by Julius Fucik.  


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