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Tide Is Rising


The Young Fool was frustrated and jealous.  He’d written a few songs that he liked.  However, his partner wrote with ease and spontaneity! Where was his unique voice? 

She helped him to understand his “emotional guidance system”.  As he understood that emotions can be safe, that all emotions can move into love, he found safety and release. 

The dam broke, and song poured out!

This is my answer to Peter Gabriel’s song “Here Comes The Flood”.

Tide is rising in my heart, I feel it growing stronger

Waves are pounding in my soul, I hear them growing louder

More insistent need for change, Growing every day now

Priorities to rearrange, Time to let the tide flow

Dams are bursting in my heart, I feel the deluge coming

Little holding me back now, Life will soon be flowing

So much held in for so long, Time to let it go now

Can’t go forward can’t hold back, I’m at war inside still

Dams are bursting sweeping free, Debris of many lifetimes

Flooding all resistance now, Spirit be my lifeline

Time to heal the war within, Time to feed the fire

Of life without shame or guilt, And acceptance of desire

Tide is rising, raging free, All over this planet

No time for denial now, It’s much too late to dam it

Time to heal the war within, Time to feed the fire

Of life lived without regret, And acceptance of desire

© Seamas Manly, January 1988/2020

All instruments and vocals by Seamas, except percussion samples by Ephrem Manly.  Engineered by Seamas Manly and Ephrem Manly.  Final mix by Seamas.  Co-produced by Seamas and Ephrem Manly.  Mastering by Ulysses K. Coppard of Big Gift Sound.

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